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t's the news no child should ever hear. At just 12 years old, Binghamton resident Andy Lamen found out that his father had passed away. Today, he writes slam poetry, which is his way of telling his story to others battling addiction.

Lack of funding, recovery housing cited as challenges in Dover, NH: Leaders in the recovery field and their community partners discussed what challenges them Monday morning during a legislative breakfast and panel discussion at SOS Recovery Community Center in Dover.

Road Recovery, Bon-Ton Stores and Vanilla Star Jeans Collaborate on Unique T-Shirt to Help Support Parents, Families and Youth.

Recovery can mean different things to different people but the core message seems entrenched in a sense of self control and self improvement. So I asked a group of friends in the online recovery community what recovery means to them. - Olivia Pennelle via The Fix

President Trump on Aug. 10 said the nation’s opioid epidemic was officially a national emergency.
More than three weeks later, Trump is dealing with a natural disaster.
Hurricane Harvey has displaced tens of thousands, leading Trump to declare federal emergencies in Texas and Louisiana. The decisions have freed up funding to help people who have lost their homes to rising waters.

With addiction such a prominent problem, experts say it's time to use words that don't carry judgment. Studies show that saying "addiction" instead of "substance abuse," and "person with substance abuse disorder" instead of "junkie," affects the treatment patients receive, as well as public policy.

BREAKING: President Donald J. Trump declares a National State of Emergency on the Opiate Crisis.
Official statement from Faces & Voices of Recovery Executive Director Patty McCarthy Metcalf:
"We commend the President and his administration for taking this critical step. It can be a game changer for expediting life-saving treatments to those in need as soon as possible. The recovery community is ready to be part of the solution to provide recovery support services to help individuals and families on to their path to long-term recovery from addiction. All-hands-on-deck!"

The federal Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis last week released its much anticipated recommendations. Some of them were bold and constructive, including calling for the president to declare a national state of emergency, a move that would bring about urgent coordinated actions between state and federal authorities to address the opioid crisis. But a critical piece to solving this challenge—supporting people in recovery—was completely missing.

Parallel to the understanding growing that incarcerating our way out of substance use disorder just doesn’t work for people and that prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support services are far more humane and effective, there is now a new target enemy in War On Drugs 2.0: the drug dealers.

The opioid epidemic in our community is frightening. While our politicians, law enforcement, judicial system and medical community search for an answer, ROCovery FITness is doing something about it. ROCovery, one of our members of the Assocation of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO), is providing fitness programming and community support for those in recovery. It’s making a real difference, read about ROCovery inside new edition of the Healthy Edge magazine.