Steps to accomplish task:

1.    Contact affiliate via email
2.    Include this introduction:  “Dear ___________, I am a volunteer working with Faces & Voices of Recovery.  I’m working on a project to highlight the amazing work of our affiliates across the nation.  Patty McCarthy, Executive Director, asked me to contact you to write a brief spotlight about the incredible work your organization is doing.  If you are willing to be spotlighted on the Faces & Voices of Recovery website and on social media, will you please respond to the following questions?
a.    How has your organization addressed the opioid/addiction epidemic? (specific program or advocacy activity)
b.    How are people impacted by addiction part of the solution through your organization?
c.     What is advocacy priority in your state or local community?
3.    Please ask them to limit their response to 500 words.
4.    Select a deadline that allows enough time for you to review and edit the response and to upload the spotlight to the website.
5.    New spotlights will be released the first day of each month.