NRI Newsletter – February 2021


February 2021
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I’m a Supervisor! Now what…

Peer Supervision Training

Did you wake up one day and become a supervisor or coordinator?

Often in small nonprofits, employees who do a good job are moved into leadership positions without much training. Faces & Voices has a training and workshop that can provide you with the framework you will need to become an effective supervisor.

All tools and systems given in the training can be adapted to your organization. Learn about supervisions styles, transitional changes, professional discipline, moving from peer to supervisor, motivation zappers, and more.

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Peer Supervision Tip Sheet

Supervision is a key component in providing peer recovery support services and should be a relationship that nurtures growth, hones skills, and addresses opportunities for growth that support recovery support core competencies.

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Seasoned in
the Art of Facilitation?

Adjunct Faculty Opportunities Available 

Can you build a training curriculum with your eyes closed?
Do you love helping others succeed?
Do you own too many red pens that need to be put to use?
Okay maybe not that last one…

We draw from a pool of external consultants with expertise in recovery support services, organizational development and much more.
Want to know more?

Please send an email with “Adjunct Faculty” in the subject line along with your bio, résumé, subject matter expertise and letter of reference to Joseph Hogan-Sanchez at

See our current list of trainers here!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum

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Reduced training rates are available for Faces & Voices Affiliates and for Members of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO).
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