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Texas Health and Human Services
Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health
Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services


The Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS) is the only accrediting body in the US specifically for recovery community organizations (RCOs) and other programs offering addiction peer recovery support services (PRSS).

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Peer Support is Bigger in Texas!

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Faces & Voices of Recovery is pleased to collaborate with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC) Peer and Recovery Services Programs, Policy and Planning Unit, Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health (TIEMH) to build capacity through training and technical assistance for

  • Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs)
  • Consumer-Operated Service Providers (COSPs)
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) 

For more information view the recorded information session here or contact us via email here.

About the Project

The Peer Recovery Infrastructure, Capacity, and Sustainability learning cohort offers peer service providers a process that promotes capacity-building and the achievement of excellence within organizations.

Two types of organizations are eligible to take part: newly emerging RCOs and COSPs and established RCOs and COSPs with a history of 2 years providing Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS). 

Eligible organizations will participate in:

  • Training on national standards on peer recovery support service delivery
  • Comprehensive self-assessment in accreditation readiness
  • Technical Assistance specific to their organization
  • Mentorship from subject matter experts
  • Quarterly calls with fellow cohort members

There will also be an opportunity to inform the development of optional standards specifically for the delivery of mental health peer services. 

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Virtual Executive Level Mentorship

A mentor is an experienced Executive Level leader who can provide guidance for the mentee’s organizational path. They are also available to the mentee to provide support with four professional coaching sessions per month.  Mentors may also assist mentees with other networking opportunities relevant to their professional careers. The mentor may provide technical assistance in many general ways, but the following is a focused list of technical assistance topics on which the mentor/mentee relationship may provide insight:

  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance
  • Grassroots Advocacy and Community Organizing
  • Public Education and Awareness
  • Recovery Support Services
  • Recovery Values and Principles
  • Participatory Process

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Training Events

CAPRSS ACCREDitation 101

Accreditation 101 is our introduction to accreditation course, where it:

  • describes the mission and purpose of CAPRSS
  • provides an overview of the standards and criteria
  • describes the steps in the accreditation process
  • presents resources for getting your organization accreditation ready and for completing your application for accreditation candidacy.

CAPRSS ACCREDitation 201

CAPRSS has developed a set of rigorous standards that come directly from the recovery community and reflect current practice in peer recovery support. The standards are the core of the accreditation process.

The CAPRSS Standards can be viewed as an external guide used to assess the capacity and efficiency of a PRSS program, in that programs that are applying for accreditation will be evaluated on the extent to which they can demonstrate their ability to meet the standards. But the standards can also be considered a guide that a PRSS program can use to conduct a self-inventory, to learn more about areas of excellence and the areas that may need improvement. The second webinar in the accreditation series is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the standards. This session is designed to:

  • Identify the elements of the CAPRSS standards taxonomy and how they relate
  • Describe the core domains and standards
  • Discuss how peer reviewers–and PRSS programs– will use standards, criteria, and elements of performance in the accreditation process.

CAPRSS ACCREDitation Academy

The Academy will consist of an in-depth look at national standards, criteria, and elements of performance for the excellence of peer recovery support service delivery. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas to grow and strengthen their organizations to meet accreditation standards and build sustainability and longevity in their communities.