Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Since 2001, Faces & Voices of Recovery has been a major player in a social movement that specifically focuses on recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Hundreds of thousands of individuals, family members, and allies have become willing, engaged and energized to come out of the shadows and stand up for recovery.  By putting a face and a voice on recoverywe have transcended stigma and shame while addressing the many barriers that keep people from achieving long-term recovery.

As in any social movement, community-organizing and capacity-building activities are paramount. Across the nation, an organized network of grassroots community organizations and institutions has formed. This network includes recovery community organizations (RCOs), recovery community centers (RCCs), recovery high school and collegiate programs, recovery research institutes, recovery residences, peer recovery support service (PRSS) programs, and statewide advocacy groups.

Some of the organizations in this present constellation are fairly well-established with resources, infrastructure, and sustainability plans and have a certain level of sophistication and maturity. Many more do not share this status. These organizations may be in startup or infancy mode or have experienced challenges in obtaining resources for sustainability. They possess the social will, community commitment, and boundless energy but require cultivation to build capacity and organizational infrastructure.

Faces & Voices of Recovery aims to help these recovery organizations to sustain and find longevity within the recovery movement. As the nation’s leading Recovery Community Organization, we work hard to organize and mobilize the recovery community so it can continue to prove itself as a driving force. We address capacity and infrastructure both at the organizational level and the network level.  We provide support, training and encouragement for the diverse ways that community members and organizations can form to create activities, services and programs that best support their recovering community. We believe that every community has a profound capacity to help individuals in recovery, and their family members, friends, and allies to thrive.


  • We educate communities and policymakers about the current opioid epidemic.
  • We organize effective citizen responses to both prevent and address overdoses.
  • We advocate on the federal level for grant funds for recovery community organizations.
  • We promote recovery-oriented employment opportunities and safe, affordable living spaces for people in recovery.
  • We design and implement PRSS programs and RCCs that are anchored in our communities, the places where our people work and live.
  • We demonstrate that our “lived experience” gives us a valuable role and a level of authority in addressing addiction and recovery.
  • We are forerunners in the implementation of recovery-oriented systems change (ROSC) initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • We provide a variety of trainings on recommended recovery messaging to fight the stigma.
  • We train individuals to become 'recovery advocates' to work to challenge existing laws and policies that are discriminatory to members of our community and prove to be impediments to successful recovery.
  • We use the latest technology to develop sophisticated communication systems, information and resource sharing, community learning platforms, and both virtual and in-person meetings and conferences.
  • We aim to grow our website to be a centralized hub and repository of resources that will seed new and fledgling organizations and build and reinforce capacity in existing organizations.

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