Phil Valentine

Phil Valentine is the Executive Director of Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR). Phil has been instrumental in the development of the recovery movement. He’s been at CCAR since January 1999, when he organized CCAR’s first Recovery Walks! A sought after speaker, he is recognized around the world for his leadership. In 2006 the Johnson Institute recognized his groundbreaking work with an America Honors Recovery award. In 2008, Faces & Voices of Recovery honored CCAR with the first Joel Hernandez Voice of the Recovery Community Award, recognizing it as the outstanding recovery community organization in the country.

Phil Valentine is a former Board member of Faces & Voices of Recovery.  CCAR is a Charter Member of ARCO.

The Association of Recovery Community Organizations

The Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) at Faces & Voices of Recovery unites and supports the growing network of local, regional and statewide recovery community organizations (RCOs).

ARCO links RCOs and their leaders with local and national allies and provides training and technical assistance to groups. ARCO helps build the unified voice of the organized recovery community and fulfill our commitment to supporting the development of new groups and strengthening existing ones.

All RCOs that are led and governed by the recovery community are welcome to apply to become an ARCO Member.

The benefits of membership include the opportunity to participate in an annual 2 day Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.

Our ARCO Member list keeps growing as we have reached 140 member organizations. Learn more about ARCO via the various links below:

ARCO Members

ARCO Members are Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) that have successfully applied for membership, met all of the eligibility requirements, were accepted to ARCO, and have continued to actively participate.

ARCO Mid-Year Retreat and Recovery Leadership Forum

February 2 - 5, 2020, Clearwater Beach, Florida


Sunday 2/2/20   6:00- 10:00 pm Super Sunday Party

Monday 2/3/20  9:00 am – 5:00 pm ARCO Mid-year Retreat

Tuesday 2/4/20 9:00 – 5:00 pm Recovery Leadership Forum

Wednesday 2/5/20 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Recovery Leadership Forum


The 2020 ARCO Mid-year Retreat will focus on Leadership Development.  Connecting with both new and experienced RCO leaders helps to build local capacity and grows the national RCO movement.  Come prepared to have fun and relax in sunny Florida while networking with RCO leaders from across the U.S.

The program will include a mix of plenary sessions and breakouts on topics such as national advocacy, harm reduction, organizational development, leadership styles, empowering new leaders, optimal mentoring and supervision strategies for professional development and our updated Our stories Have Power Recovery Community Messaging training.

Arrive Sunday before the evening Super Sunday party at 6:00 pm!  Monday’s program will be exclusive to ARCO members.  The Tuesday and Wednesday program is the Recovery Leadership Forum, which is open to the local community as well.

Following this year's 2020 ARCO Mid-Year Retreat will be a two-day forum examining how and why shifts happen in the addiction recovery movement, factors that drive success, and strategies that advocacy groups and leadership can employ to effect wide-scale change. We’ll explore leadership styles, supervision, servant leadership, mentoring a new generation of leaders, and keys to sustaining momentum.


* Please be certain to register for both the Mid-Year Retreat and the Recovery Leadership Forum, separately.

Register with ARCO-MID-2020 to receive a discount AND the first 25 people to sign up will receive an additional discount so make sure you sign up ASAP!

Faces & Voices has a block of rooms reserved at the Edge Hotel in Clearwater Beach where the training is taking place. Please contact the hotel and let them know you are with Faces & Voices of Recovery or use the group code FVR202 to receive the discounted room rate online.

Faces & Voices of Recovery Affiliates

We welcome ALL organizations to join Faces & Voices of Recovery.  If you are not an RCO or you choose not to apply for ARCO membership, but you support our mission and want to engage in the national (international) recovery advocacy movement with us, please click here to find out more about becoming a Faces & Voices of Recovery Affiliate.