Our Staff

Kristen Aja

Kristen Aja is a Senior Project Coordinator at Faces & Voices of Recovery where she works primarily on expanding and supporting recovery community organizations across the nation.  As a training and technical assistance professional, she has provided instruction on a wide range of topics related to recovery community organizations and recovery support services. 

Kristen has been involved in peer-based recovery for over a decade.  Shortly after she began her own recovery journey, she joined a community team that opened the 11th recovery community organization in the State of Vermont.   In 2013 Kristen was hired at the Vermont Recovery Network and held various positions over the years supporting peer recovery support services at the 12 recovery community organizations around the state.  She has extensive experience in peer recovery support services program design and implementation, training and workforce development, data collection and outcome measures, collaborations with stakeholders and building community partners.  Through her leadership a statewide program was created integrating Recovery Coaches in the Hub & Spoke System of Care providing recovery supports to individuals with Opioid Use Disorder.

Prior to Kristen’s work in recovery she was a Human Resources professional for over 20 years with a heavy focus on workforce development, international and domestic recruiting, employee relations, payroll and employee benefits administration.