Recovery Stories

David's Story


I was exposed to drugs and alcohol before the age of ten. My continual use began around thirteen and I drank and drugged for twenty two years. Although I had thoughts of stopping many times, I had few healthy coping skills and even less viable social supports. I experienced a spiritual awakening soon after pledging abstinence for the umpteenth time. The difference this time was that I never picked up again. The decision came easy in a moment of clarity, use again and lose everything or give it up and explore a life in sobriety. Two years clean and I was miserable. Rather than give up, I decided to work a twelve step program and attempt to grow spiritually. Gradually, the real victory was revealed in freedom from myself and with a plan to move forward. An eight year pursuit of education and training led me to a second career with purpose. Today, I manage a fifteen bed residential facility for Substance Abuse and I am the proud owner of a private practice. Best, David