Recovery Stories

Jamie B.'s Story


I am a person in long term recovery, which means to me, that I haven’t had a drink or a drug since August 27th, 2016. As a teenager I somehow knew that I had addict tendencies. I am a child of an alcoholic and knew that if I were to try drugs, it would not be good. Although I did drink, I avoided drug use. After my first child was born addiction “found me”.

I became addicted to pain medication and my life changed dramatically. After 13 years of fighting addiction and legal issues, Recovery found me.

I am extremely grateful for the support system that saved my life one day at a time. After some time in jail and prison, through God’s love, I made the decision to move into an Oxford House in my home town, and found an amazing NA family.

I am passionate about sharing the hope I have found in recovery with anyone that carried the shame and guilt of addiction that I carried for so long. There is hope and it is available to us all! One day at a time! I keep what I have by giving it away!