Leading the Nation's Recovery Advocacy Movement since 2001

Faces & Voices of Recovery was founded by a group of recovery advocacy pioneers who believed in a world where the shame and stigma of addiction no longer exists. This vision is the cornerstone of the work we do everyday.

Our Impact in 2018

In 2018, Faces & Voices of Recovery's training events reached hundreds of individuals to advance the recovery advocacy movement through recovery community messaging, RCO Bootcamps and Recovery Ambassador trainings. We launched the RCO mentor program and had significant growth of our Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) in order to help build the unified voice of organized recovery across America. We hosted the annual Leadership Summit for over 100 recovery leaders, which featured nationally recognized speakers and workshops.  We hosted our annual Recovery Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC where people impacted by addiction and many in recovery themselves met with their members of Congress to share their personal and powerful stories.

Through our advocacy action alerts, recovery advocates took over 5,000 actions including countless messages to Congress to protect our right to privacy about our SUD treatment history in medical records. We were successful in keeping the bill (HR 6082) out of the final opioid package. At the same time, we advocated for passing the most comprehensive substance use disorders legislation which the President signed into law in October 2018. 

Your support helps us to eliminate stigma and reduce the barriers that keep individuals from finding and maintaining long-term recovery! 

We have raised $53,969.00 of our goal.

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"It is time that we who have harvested the fruits of recovery pay it forward with our time, our talents, and yes, our financial contributions. There is a point in all social movements where the true ownership of that movement is tested.  The new recovery advocacy movement is at that point. The question is whether people in personal or family recovery will take ownership of the future of this movement by financially supporting the national organization that coordinates the day-to-day work of the recovery advocacy movement."

- William L. White, Author and Recovery Historian

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  • The Honorable Mary Bono, Washington, DC
    The Honorable Mary Bono, Washington, DC

    "Faces & Voices is critically important. I have seen the good the it does first hand, in the halls of Washington as well as in the faces of so many people that it truly helps."

  • Chris Budnick, Raleigh, NC
    Chris Budnick, Raleigh, NC

    "I donate to Faces & Voices of Recovery because they are the national voice for the recovery community. Without them, we would lose this voice and the leadership they provide to local Recovery Community Organizations."

  • Allen McQuarrie, Naples, FL
    Allen McQuarrie, Naples, FL

    "I donate to and volunteered for Faces & Voices of Recovery because it reboots recovery for many who would completely fail otherwise.
    Had we not formed, joined and assisted the recovery movement in the US, hundreds of thousands would have died by the wayside anonymous, alone and unaided."

  • Sis Wenger, Kensington, MD
    Sis Wenger, Kensington, MD

    "I have supported Faces & Voices as an advocate and as a donor because I believe it is the clear Voice of recovering people and has the capacity to strengthen the recovery and hope of impacted family members, including the children, thus saving families as well as addicted persons."