Remove "ABUSE" From the Names of US Institutions on Addiction

Remove "ABUSE" From the Names of US Institutions on Addiction

The words that we use matter more than we think. Stigma has been found to be a barrier to treatment-seeking among individuals with addiction. Research now shows that the commonly used terms of "abuse" & "abuser" actually increase stigma.

Now is the time to request that our national government agencies that focus on addiction and have these words in their title (e.g., the National Institute on Drug ABUSE [NIDA] & the National Institute on Alcohol ABUSE and Alcoholism [NIAAA]) undergo a NAME CHANGE to remove these terms.

It takes an act of congress to change a government agency name, so support is needed at all levels. We are asking for your help to sign-on to tell Congress that addiction is a disease and NOT a flaw of character, which the word abuse or abuser implies.

This petition is led by the Recovery Research Institute of Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital. For more information on the research cited in this petition visit | @recoveryanswers |

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