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The best benefit of being a member is knowing your support of Faces & Voices of Recovery is helping to build the world's largest network of recovery advocates. Member contributions provide us with invaluable resources to create the partnerships needed to promote recovery.


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You can invest in our efforts to eliminate stigma and develop innovative solutions for recovery by becoming a Member. Members provide us with the critical financial support we need to advocate for the rights of the recovery community.

By becoming a Member of Faces & Voices of Recovery, you will help eliminate the stigma of addiction and make recovery possible for even more Americans. Our Members are putting a face and a voice on recovery and organizing campaigns and events to raise awareness while celebrating recovery in their communities. Being a Member means being part of the largest recovery advocacy organization in the world.

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Why I Became a Member of Faces & Voices of Recovery

“Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is”

The decision by Faces & Voices of Recovery to become a membership driven organization is historic within the context of addiction disease.

“We are finally overcoming the centuries-old label of moral deficiency attached to addiction suffering and recovery,” said Johnny Allem, a long-time advocate for health-centered responses to addiction disease and one of the founders of Faces & Voices of Recovery.

“Keeping our recovery secret for generations, even as new science authenticates the health risks and pathways to recovery for addiction, has prolonged suffering for millions, attached continuing shame to people with significant recovery, and prolonged the death march for so many.”

Faces & Voices of Recovery joins the traditional response to supporting disease and wellness enjoyed by all chronic health causes from cancer to heart disease. Dues paying memberships furnish the people power that has conquered the fear of chronic illness, produced life-saving public education, funded research and torn away the shadow of fear and shame.

“Establishing a membership base for Faces & Voices of Recovery brings us closer to MAINSTREAMING ADDICTION DISEASE,” Patty McCarthy Metcalf, the organization’s executive director, said. “We are becoming the grass roots support organization that Senator Harold Hughes envisioned when he formed the Society of Addiction Recovery (SOAR) in 1990.”

Sen. Hughes sponsored the Hughes Act in 1969 in which the Federal government recognized alcoholism as an illness for the first time. By the 1990s, he recognized that with the pressure of the War on Drugs, we could not progress without the constituent pressure of people actually recovering from illness.

SOAR could not overcome the fear and stigma still gripping the field, but many seeds were planted that eventually resulted in the founding of Faces & Voices of Recovery in 2001.

Today, more than 200,000 Americans participate in public celebrations and education on addiction disease.

“This constituency is now consequential in supporting public policy and professional practice,” Allem said. “And now we can legitimize this people power with actual card-carrying membership in this vital national health cause. This is genuine progress in MAINSTREAMING ADDICTION DISEASE.”