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CFC Loud n Clear Foundation

260 Casino Dr.
Farmingdale, New Jersey 07727

Mission Statement:

Founded in 2012, CFC Loud n Clear Foundation 501c3 is a grassroots New Jersey registered nonprofit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) providing a model relapse prevention program that supports all pathways to recovery through peer driven and operated programs. CFC is  committed to helping individuals and families struggling with addiction find, maintain, and strengthen their recovery through peer-based support & programs.

“I always describe addiction as more of an infection than a disease. It starts off as a wound that isn’t taken care of properly whether that is a chemical imbalance, a belief system that is irrational, unresolved trauma or the inability to cope with conditions. A person finds a substance or behavior that fixes the symptoms but not the problem and the wound becomes infected (addiction). Addiction Treatment is where one goes to clean that wound out of the infection and then recovery, community, and relapse prevention are the protocol in order to finally heal that wound. Once all our wounds are healed, we need to maintain these practices so that any new wounds do not become infected.”  – Daniel Regan, Founder

Services Offered:

CFC believes in multiple pathways and offers weekly Refuge, 12-Step, SMART, Faith, & Gender Specific meetings that are free and open to the public.

The CFC Relapse Prevention program is an all-encompassing, peer driven accountability program that is designed to provide up to 18 months of support to an individual transitioning from a clinical treatment center. Developed in 2012, this program has a 90% success rate of members in long-term recovery. By utilizing peer support groups and peer case management, this program educates individuals not only about recovery but helps them develop the integral life skills needed in order to fully assimilate into a sober social environment.

Proudest Accomplishments:

CFC has been recognized and received numerous accolades from State and Federal officials, Nationwide media outlets, and many organizations for their innovative approach to addressing the importance of extended aftercare and recovery support.

Since 2012, CFC has assisted over 12,500 families, currently operates 4 sober living homes, and has a 90% success rate of members in long term recovery. In 2015,

CFC developed and created the Crisis Intervention Program alongside the Howell Police Department to deploy recovery support services to crisis situations that involve substance abuse.

In 2018, CFC received a grant to expand their family programs and now services siblings, couples, at-risk teens, grandparents, and parents impacted by addiction.

CFC has trained over 320 CCAR Recovery Coaches in the State of New Jersey.

CFC offers members free sober social activities every single weekend from sky diving to painting and everything in between.

CFC sponsors two annual Recovery Retreats.

CFC works diligently to change the current treatment industry.

Participant or Stakeholder Testimonial/ Quote:

“CFC Loud and Clear has been the solution to my problem.  Having attempted recovery several times before I had learned a lot but there was still quite a lot missing.  When I came to CFC I decided to take advantage of all it had to offer: attend all of their SMART meetings, move into their sober-living, obtain employment through their TKGO program, serve the community at outreach events and have a blast at their go to sober outings! Without having any fun, recovery would only seem like work. I can honestly say that I love my new sober lifestyle. CFC saved my life.”

– CFC Member, Randy