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Recovery Organization of Support Specialists (ROSS)

3616 5th Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35222

Mission and Vision Statement: 

R.O.S.S. aims to advocate, empower, and collaborate for any individual seeking recovery. We seek to further develop and advance the role of recovery support within the community while promoting the right of self-determination and personal responsibility in individuals pursuing recovery.

Services Offered: 

The Recovery Organization of Support Specialist (R.O.S.S.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit peer-run organization in Alabama. R.O.S.S. believes in many pathways of recovery, meeting people where they are and loving people to a better life.

Our recovery supportive services and programs include our R.O.S.S. Recovery Community Centers, a 24/7 Helpline, an Outreach Program, a Mentorship Program, and an Education Curriculum. Our Recovery Community Centers are in Birmingham, Mongomery, and Marshall County, Alabama. Our R.O.S.S. statewide 24/7 Helpline at 844-307-1760 helps to eliminate the barriers to recovery and connects to our R.O.S.S. Outreach program in 35 counties. Our Recovery Community Services Program helps our peers to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to support one’s own recovery journey. R.O.S.S. is Advocating for Change through Education with our A.C.E. Curriculum. R.O.S.S. works within the hospitals, opioid treatment programs, jails, day reporting centers, work release centers, and more. In Jefferson County, Alabama we work with expectant mothers through our Special Women’s Program. Visit us at, &

Proudest Accomplishments:

R.O.S.S. is known as the first Peer Run Organization in Alabama. President Joe Biden awarded R.O.S.S. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of our service of 4,000 hours to the United States of America and delivering solutions to the problems we face with substance use disorder in our country. Our 24/7 Helpline was of much-needed support to someone in need and thought we should be recognized for the peer support work we do so that no one falls through the cracks.


R.O.S.S. can be reached via email at: and by phone at 844-307-1760.

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