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The McShin Foundation

2300 Dumbarton Road
Richmond, Virginia 23228

Mission Statement:

The McShin Foundation is a recovery resource foundation whose mission is to deliver a message of hope to individuals with a Substance Use Disorder and to facilitate their journey to a healthier life.

Founded in 2004, The McShin Foundation is Virginia’s leading non-profit, full-service Recovery Community Organization (RCO), committed to serving individuals and families in their fight against Substance Use Disorders. While providing the tools for recovering individuals to create positive lifestyles, we aim to spread the word of recovery and educate families, communities, and government regarding SUDs as well as reduce the stigma attached to them.

The McShin Foundation is a great alternative to drug and alcohol treatment, drug and alcohol rehab, and drug and alcohol detox. We continue to have linkage to the most affordable detox, recovery and sober living residences in the country, and we are the Nation’s Leading Recovery Community Organization.

Services Offered:

The peer-based recovery support services at McShin Foundation provide comprehensive support for all four stages of recovery: 1) pre-recovery engagement; 2) recovery initiation and stabilization; 3) recovery maintenance; and 4) enhancement of quality of life in long-term recovery.  On a walk-in basis, we provide the following:

75 recovery beds in 8 locations for both men and women with access to more than 300 more beds throughout the Richmond area.  These are available for both short-term and for long-term stays.
A 15,000-square foot Recovery Community Center that hosts over 2,000 group meetings per year for clients and their families.
24/7 access to trained recovery peers who are skilled in crisis intervention.
In-house assistance with transportation, employment, housing, social services, treatment program referrals, and other client concerns.
24-hour respite program for persons requiring monitoring for drug-based treatments.
28-day retreat program to help clients through the critical first month of recovery.
Proudest Accomplishments:

Currently, McShin Foundation is the only organization of its kind not only in the city of Richmond, but in the entire state of Virginia, providing not only residential services to its clients, but also intervention and recovery services and resources, recovery education and advocacy, and access to external community resources through our strong collaborative organizational partnerships.

The overall lack of access to recovery services in our country makes it even more critical that McShin Foundation be successful in our mission to address the substance abuse crisis in our country and community, and work to tear down the stigma surrounding substance abuse and other barriers to addiction recovery services.

Participant or Stakeholder Testimonial/ Quote:

“I used to be homeless. I walked into The McShin Foundation and was provided a scholarship into a recovery house that same day. I was given groceries, a bed, a chance that day. I was able to build a foundation, network with people also seeking recovery, and now am able to help others who are struggling and want a change. Today, I am able to offer experience, strength, and hope to others. I have hope today.” – Stephen W.