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The Serenity House of Flint

720 Ann Arbor Street, Suite 202
Flint, Michigan 48503

Mission Statement:

To advocate for people in addiction recovery and provide holistic options for the community.

Services Offered:

The Serenity House of Flint is a 501c3 recovery community organization that advocates for people in addiction recovery and provides holistic options for the community.

The Serenity House of Flint provides substance use prevention for men, women and adolescents.

The Serenity House of Flint is a peer-led organization where many of the people involved with the organization are either in recovery or have a loved one who is in active addiction or recovery.

Proudest Accomplishments:

Offering an alternative approach to healing that really works. We’ve helped over 3,000 people since our opening in 2015.

Participant or Stakeholder Testimonial/ Quote:

I began my healing journey feeling alone, and shortly after Spirit guided me to the The Serenity House. I have attended the Friday Holistic Healing Hour and meditation workshop on a regular basis since then. The Serenity House has offered a huge amount of healing support!

Tara, the founder and director, is an amazing human being, and a skilled healer. She has helped me identify some of my deepest traumas, and has also provided powerful assistance with my healing.

Since I began coming, I have learned coping skills that have helped propel me into a healthier lifestyle. The range of holistic healing services I have been exposed to at The Serenity House has provided me with an arsenal of self care tactics! The meditation workshop has taught me a lot of practical information about meditation, which has helped me expanded my own meditation practice.

The people who are involved with this organization are so loving and accepting; it gives the whole experience such beautiful energy! I always look forward to coming to the Serenity House ever week!