Wolfestreet Foundation

Wolfestreet Foundation

1015 South Louisiana Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
(501) 516-3578

RCO Mission Statement

Wolfe Street Foundation is Arkansas’ non-profit resource dedicated to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. We provide outreach facilities for people and their families who are looking for a way out of alcoholism and the addiction cycle. We also provide community outreach programming and education to the public and our partners in Arkansas.

Services Offered

Peer to peer services, community service with district and circuit courts, 12-step groups with different pathways of recovery, clothing closet to the reentry program, Narcan kit trainings, mental health and substance use education, life skills education, volunteerism, peer lead bookstore, on the job training.

Proudest Accomplishment

Being able to provide a safe and happy environment to individuals and their families that want to make positive changes in their lives.

Our Staff

Vickie Siebenmorgen, Executive Director

Patti Yager, PRSS

Aisha Credit, Admin Communications Coordinator

Brad Taylor, Operations Manager