Recovery Event Calendar

Yoga of Recovery- Healing the Habits that Bind Us

Weekend Option Ends 9/23/18, 7-Day Retreat Option Ends 9/27/18
23855 NE Highway 314, Salt Springs, Florida, 32134, Amrit Yoga Institute

During this retreat we’ll look at our own story to trace the roots of our addictive behaviors. This approach appeals to all types of people … those in long-term recovery, those reluctant to call themselves an ‘addict,’ those who prefer secular self-help programs over the 12-steps, those who are not sure they have ‘addiction’ but know they need help with some aspect of their life, those who ‘do’ yoga, those who ‘can’t do yoga” – EVERYONE!
Let’s change our story from one of suffering to one of healing – making use of yogic practices that appeal to our emotional temperament – physical practice, devotional practices, self enquiry techniques, psychology and philosophy. You’ll also love the Ayurvedic tools – the science of self healing, helping us to EMBODY our recovery.