Advocacy & Public Awareness

Advocacy & Public Awareness

Addiction is a Brain Disease

This training takes a deeper look at the implications of substance use and the effects on the brain. Join us and learn about the six types of addiction, how different substances change the brain structure and additional complications and risk factors. Addiction is a developmental brain disease. If you have a desire to learn more about addiction or want to understand why people continue to use substances even after negative consequences in their life this training is for you. Half day training.

Out Stories Have Power - Recovery Messaging

Faces & Voices groundbreaking messaging advances the recovery agenda. There is no more potent weapon against stigma than the thousands of people that have been trained using the Our Stories Have Power recovery messaging tools. They are sharpening their skills as recovery communicators, learning how to tell their story with a purpose. Full day training.

Recovery Ambassador

The Recovery Ambassador Program prepares individuals to advance public understanding and appropriate responses to addiction. The training program consists of a one-day seminar. Course material includes instruction in participation on advisory councils, recruiting volunteers, building messages, organizing community action, engaging policy makers, raising money and renewing team effort. Half day training.

The Science of Addiction & Recovery

(SOAR) is a curriculum developed in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This training provides individuals with a better understanding the science behind addiction and recovery. While experience changes beliefs, the facts about how substances dramatically affect the brain are a key component in helping the public understand the recovery process. Full day training.