Capacity Building & Organizational Development

Capacity Building & Organizational Development

Accreditation Academy

The Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS) delivers this program for state entities or groups of recovery community organizations who recruit peer support provider organizations to participate in the complete program. It includes four teleconferences, one on-site two-day accreditation academy, individual coaching and consultation. This is a learning community model aimed at preparing organizations to meet national accreditation standards. Includes  readiness self-assessment and tailored programming to meet participant areas of need. Conducted over a three-month period.

After the Initial Training - Develop an Internal Workforce Development Training Program

This comprehensive training offers instruction, planning and structure to build an internal training program in your organization. We all know that external training costs can be a burden to organizations even when they want to offer professional development to their staff. Having an internal source can create new avenues to enhance staff skills, knowledge and morale. Many organizations couple this training with “Become a Rock Star Trainer” train the trainer program to complete the process. Education and Training for your staff is not only essential it is proven to boost morale and create more cohesive teams. Full day training.

How to Breathe Life Back into your Team

Every day we find ourselves working with other people, our jobs often rely on a team to get tasks done. All teams can struggle to work together in a productive way, and this training can help change that. In this training, we will focus on how to bring independent thinkers into a participatory process, how to boost team morale, and we will address the gaps that can form between team members. This training will be filled with experiential learning, and will feature many innovative ideas. Come to this training and we will prove that there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’! Half day training.

Management Development - Preparing for Change

Management development is not only important, it is crucial to have a process in place to focus on the need to any kind of change that might occur within the organization. Keeping the mission, short and long term goals and objectives in mind while planning diminishes future issues that may come up. It also fosters economic growth and development. This training offers steps in recruitment, assessment of management and staff, training analysis and steps to create an ongoing management development program. Full day training.

Organizational Wellness - Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture

What comprises a healthy organization? An organization that is filled with leaders, staff, leaders and volunteers who are engaged, satisfied, productive, and effective. Healthy cultures reduce workplace conflict, turnover and burnout. In the past, focus has been on treating individual wellness needs without considering the workplace environment. If the organization is unhealthy the individual will struggle to maintain their personal wellness. We need to treat both the trees and the forest with equal veracity. This training provides organizational leaders with research based assessments and tools to enable a desirable culture for productivity and sustainability. Full day training.

RCO Bootcamp

This is a leadership development program for new and emerging Recovery Community Organization (RCO) directors, program managers and board members. The Boot Camp covers all the basics to help establish policies and procedures to build the capacity of small non-profit organizations. Breakout sessions focus on governance, sustainability, ethics, strategic planning and staff development. Two day training.

Stepping into Leadership - Walking the Path of an Effective Leader

This training is for formal and informal leaders ready to take action and become effective and impactful on those that follow. Throughout the day we will explore the philosophical foundations of leadership, along with the stages, cycles and theories of leadership throughout history. Once we have embraced the broad view of leaders and theories we will scale it down to leadership styles and when they are effective. Our afternoon will consist of multiple workshops, shared group learning and skill building on eleven musts for every leader to know. Participants will be asked to create a Leadership Action Plan throughout the day with a commitment to take a big step forward in their organization or group. Full day training.

Successful Employment - Working with Employers in Understanding Employees New to Recovery from Addiction

This training was developed to help employers have confidence with working with those who have identified that they are in early recovery from addiction. The training provides a deeper knowledge of the stages of change, emotional and behavioral phases of early recovery, Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome and the implications of trauma and brain structure changes. In addition, employers will be given tools to identify warning signs and symptoms of symptom recurrence in an employee. A strength based approach along with tools and techniques will be offered and practiced throughout the day. Full day training.

Supporting Staff - Handling Grief & Loss in the Workplace

This training identifies the different potential stressor that can negatively effect on the brain and the body. We will review new and innovative stress management strategies for individuals to practice at home and at work. A special focus will be placed on traumatic stress and events. There will be an emphasis on preparation, management and support to prepare organizations in case of a traumatic event. Stages of grief and loss will be unpacked with possible implications on the organization along with the individual and strategies for both managers and co-workers to put into place. Additional stressful workplace changes such as layoffs, mergers and management changes will be discussed in both large and small groups. Participants of the training will walk away with specific planning templates, workplace strategies and information. Full day training.

Training Excellence-A Train-the-Trainer Program*

Gain a practical, how to overview of the entire training function through modeling of “best practices” and current techniques in delivering Rock Star training. Individuals new to training will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills. For the more experienced trainer, brush up on your current training skill and learn new and inspiring approaches for delivering powerful training. Through experiential, videography, guest presenters and workshop format you will leave feeling a sense of confidence in training from start to finish. Our 5 part series will include the following areas:

  • Purpose and Assessment
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Presentation and Facilitation
  • Performance and Evaluation
  • Practice

*Special note: This training is comprehensive and builds on itself. We require a written commitment to attend the entire series in order to participate in this training. 20 hour training delivered in 5 four hour sessions or can be done as a 20 hour intensive.

Under the Iceberg - Handling Challenging Behaviors at Work

Are you a supervisor or manager struggling with challenging behaviors in your team? Have you tried approaches but have not seen change? Are you spending most of your work life managing these behaviors? If the answer is yes to these questions, this training is for you. We will break down the myths of personal versus professional life, common challenging behaviors and skills and techniques to create change and increase in productivity. Half day training.