Jenna Neasbitt


Training and educational speaking allow trainers to seize opportunities and create real dialogues about real experiences, with real people. For me, providing training and education is a shared experience in humanity, because everyone has a story. I have found that embracing ambivalence and resistance is just as important as celebrating acceptance and enthusiasm within any dialogue. Assessing the receptivity of the group, remaining aware, accessible, and authentic, is vital to the processes of training and education. It is important to honor every participant’s level of knowledge and conviction within a collaborative process.

My training and education experience includes a variety of settings and audiences which include: new hire orientations, events to assist employees with understanding their insurance plans, Safety and Substance Use trainings for nurses, veteran service agencies, and oil and gas industry staff; Nurturing Parenting trainings for families and agencies, didactic education pertaining to recovery, skills development, vocational interest, clinical topics, managing co-occurring disorders, post-acute withdrawal, nutrition as recovery, navigating community resources, recovery-oriented planning, and guest lecturing in Graduate Social Work Policy and Interdisciplinary behavioral health programs.

My most recent experience includes co-developing and co-authoring the Peer Recovery Coach Certification Training for Recovery Caches in Texas, participating with CSAT in the development of, and certification as, a Medication Assisted Recovery Support Endorsement trainer for Recovery Coaches; Certified Methadone Advocate Trainer, and providing training and education about Medication Assisted Recovery to recovery houses as well as addiction professionals.