Located at 2527 Doubletree Rd, Spring Valley, California 91978

Mission Statement:

A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing) works to reduce the stigma associated with addictive illness through education and compassionate support and advocates for therapeutic rather than punitive drug policies. Through our international Moms United to End the War on Drugs collaborative campaign we work to end the stigmatization and criminalization of people who use drugs and people who struggle with substance use disorders.

Services Offered:

We create and mobilize parents and families with our advocacy and educational campaigns that address drug war damage and the need for access to health-oriented, science based treatment and recovery services. Through our "Ask Mom" how to save a life campaign we do overdose prevention training and naloxone distribution. We also offer parent survival kits of information in San Diego County and resource and referral information. We print quarterly newsletters of information on drug policy and substance use disorder treatment updates.

Proudest Accomplishments:

We are proud of our accomplishments, growth and influence over the past 18 years. Through the Moms United campaign, we are building a movement of parent advocates, gathering representatives from 32 states and 8 countries. Our Ask Mom How to Save a Life campaign is helping people across the country to promote naloxone access legislation and save lives. We’ve created and implemented major campaigns including: Ask Mom About the Casualties of the Drug War, Moms Bill of Rights, Faces of Recovery, Empty Chair at the Holiday Table and #momsresolutions. In 2016 we held a successful global rally in front of the UN in partnership with Transform UK. We held the first panel in the Museum of Drug History and had a session in the UN with speakers from 8 countries. A large achievement was the passage of Prop 64 (Adult Use of Marijuana in California), which PATH actively promoted. This measure includes bold criminal justice reforms. Our annual Strut for Sobriety awareness event has become the signature recovery event in San Diego County. We are proud of this unique event where people from all walks of life are now openly celebrating recovery.


A New PATH, can be reached via email at: gretanewpath@cox.net

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