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Thank you for your interest in joining ARCO!

Faces & Voices of Recovery welcomes all local, regional and state organizations that are led and governed by the addiction recovery community (people in recovery, their families, friends, and allies) to join the Association of Recovery Community Organizations. 

ARCO Affiliates are independently accountable to the recovery community which means that people in recovery, their families, friends and allies are  involved in managing the organization and decision-making at every level. If your organization is a program, project or division of another larger organization (fiscal agent/ parent agency), it should nevertheless be independent of the larger organization with respect to it's own mission, vision and governance structure.  

Here are the instructions for completing the online application.

  • The online application may take up to 30 - 60 minutes to complete
  • The online application must be completed in one session
  • All fields marked with * are required
  • If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact ARCO at 202.737.0690 or

The ARCO Application is also available to download as a Word Document below.  Please email the completed application to  You can also fax the application to 1.202.737.0695 or mail it to: Faces & Voices of Recovery, 840 First Street, Third Floor, Washington, D.C. 20002.

The ARCO membership committee will review applications on a monthly basis and applicants will notified by email by the 15th of each month

Full Name
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What is your organization's mission statement?
How long has your organization been operating?

Your organization’s activities should reflect the following 3 core principles of recovery community organizations. 


The recovery community organization, its leaders, and members have a singular goal: enhancing the quantity and quality of support available to people seeking and experiencing long-term recovery from addiction. The focus is on the “solution” that involves mobilizing individual and community resources to promote recovery, while embracing all pathways to recovery.  


Authenticity of voice means representing the interests of communities of recovery. A guiding principle is self-governance, mutual aid and support. Recovery community organizations serve communities through leadership by and for community members. Recovery community organizations have a majority (more than 50%) of board members in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. This strong connection is the source of a recovery community organization’s strength and ensures that the voice of the addiction recovery community takes precedence over other interests. Vibrant recovery community organizations ensure that the voices of people who have the lived experience of recovery, including family members, are heard and embraced and that the organization’s public education, advocacy, and recovery support services respond to the broadest spectrum of local SUD recovery needs. 


Recovery community organizations’ credibility and effectiveness depends on their ability to be accountable and responsive to the community they work in and with. In most cases, this means being an independent, stand-alone nonprofit organization, where they can manage their relationships with other organizations. For example, a recovery community organization may work closely with an association of treatment providers, a Drug Court, a Community Prevention Coalition or a hospital, but be independent of them in terms of their governance. 

Recovery community organizations recruit and engage people in recovery, family members, friends and allies to advocate on behalf of their own, identified interests. Wherever possible, recovery community organizations use something called “participatory processes” – different ways to involve both leaders and members – to weigh in on decisions about programming and policy. Recovery community organizations provide an organized way for people to give back to their communities through volunteer and paid service to others seeking recovery and they work with allied organizations by offering recovery support services, advocating on common public policy agendas, and broadening public understanding of the reality of recovery.

Please describe in detail how your organization’s activities reflect the 3 core principles of recovery community organizations mentioned above. (Max: 500 words)


What is your organization’s current nonprofit status?
What is your organization’s current nonprofit status?
Please describe your governing board composition. (Max: 500 words)


What is the focus of your mission? Check All That Apply
What is the focus of your mission? Check All That Apply
Does your organization provide any clinical treatment services?
Does your organization provide any clinical services?
How does your organization engage people in recovery in decision-making, programming and leadership? (Max: 500 words)
Does your organization support all pathways of recovery?


All applicants must submit a breakdown of their funding sources by percentage according to the following categories. This data is for demographic purposes only and to further our understanding of how recovery community organizations are supported. This information will not be disclosed in any manner that would identify responses with the organizations submitting them.

Enter a number between 0 and 100.
Enter a number between 0 and 100.
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Annual Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are determined by the organization’s fiscal budget for the previous year. Please select your annual dues level below based on the fiscal budget:

Annual Dues Level

I understand that I am not officially a member nor an official Faces & Voices partner until all dues and requirements are met.


Each member organization can designate up to five people (including its Executive Director and/or Board Chair) to receive member benefits, such as our electronic newsletters and discounts on publications and other merchandise. You may update your roster at any time by

Executive Director (or Board Chairman if none)
Unless otherwise specified, your organization’s Executive Director (or Board Chair) is the individual from your organization designated to be the primary contact and to receive official member correspondence.

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Application Process
The Membership Committee will review all applications on a monthly basis. The application review process takes up to 30 days.

Method of Payment
We do not accept purchase orders and will invoice for all forms of payment. Payment must be submitted within 30 days of membership approval.

Terms and Conditions
By submitting this signed application for ARCO membership, the applicant agrees to the following:

Faces & Voices of Recovery (“Faces & Voices”) is the sole owner of the names “Association of Recovery Community Organizations at Faces & Voices of Recovery,” “Association of Recovery Community Organizations,” and “ARCO,” (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Names”) and any variation thereof, including but not limited to logo art designs.

Upon approval for membership, Applicant shall have the nonexclusive right to use the Names to indicate the Applicant’s membership in ARCO and to promote awareness of recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. License Term; Current ARCO Membership Required
The term of the license hereby granted will be effective when Faces & Voices approves the Applicant’s application for membership, and shall continue for as long as the Applicant maintains a current membership in ARCO, including timely payment of membership dues and fees.

2. Relationship of the Parties
The parties acknowledge that the license contemplated by this agreement is only for use of the Names. Applicant shall not in any manner or respect be the legal representative or agent of Faces & Voices, and shall not enter or create any contracts or obligations on the part of Faces & Voices, either express or implied, nor bind Faces & Voices in any way.

3. Use Consistent with Faces & Voices of Recovery’s Mission
Applicant agrees and acknowledges that it will only use the Names in a way that is consistent with Faces & Voices’ mission.

4. Acceptable Use
Upon approval of its application, Applicant will receive access to electronic logo art files and a listing of acceptable uses for the Names. Applicant may use the Names in standard character format or in the forms provided in the electronic logo art files. Applicant may not use the Names in any other form or for any other use without prior written approval from Faces & Voices.

5. Termination
Faces & Voices shall have sole discretion to determine whether the Applicant’s use is consistent and acceptable with these terms, and to terminate the Applicant’s license and membership without notice at any time for violating the conditions of this agreement.

I have read About ARCO, RCO Toolkit and ARCO Benefits
By typing my name in the box below, I certify that I have reviewed this completed application, including the Terms and Conditions, and that the information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.