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Add A Recovery Resource

Do you have a recovery resource to add? Please read over our guidelines below to ensure it meets our criteria.

Please do not ask us to post a link to your website if it is not a mutual aid group. We do not post links to other organizations. Other organizations includes treatment agencies or "informational" websites about addiction or addiction related issues.

Mutual aid groups listed in the guide must:

  • Focus primarily on recovery from alcohol and other drug problems and/or mental health and other issues that may co-occur with such problems
  • Offer peer support rather than professional services
  • Honor the principle of "many paths to recovery" and individual choice – they promote what their own approach offers without devaluing alternative approaches
  • Respect the human rights of their members/participants
  • Not solicit fees/donations as a condition of participation
  • Respond within a reasonable time-frame to contacts made via their websites, email addresses, and/or phone

Publications must be recovery focused and written by a credible organization and/or individual. All documents will be reviewed by Faces & Voices of Recovery for inclusion in the resource library.

Fill out the form below to submit your resource for review: