Voices of Recovery Podcast

Voices of Recovery Podcast - A PODCAST FOR RECOVERY ADVOCATES!

The Voices of Recovery podcast will feature leaders, advocates and innovators in the recovery movement!  Here you will find commentary and personal discussions on different aspects of addiction, recovery and advocacy. 


For our first holiday episode, Bertrand Brown from the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse joins us to talk about being a Youth Advocate and thoughts on navigating the Holiday season.

This weeks podcast features Rich Jones, Executive Director of Faces & Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) Greenville

This week we welcome Brooke Feldman joined the podcast to share the impact her mother's struggle with a substance use disorder had in her life, her own pathway to recovery and her current work.

In our very first Voices of Recovery Podcast, recored at the CCAR Multiple Pathways Conference in Punta Gorda FL, we sat down with Entrepreneurs RT & Kenny who created the Recovery social media site In the Rooms.