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Episode 5 - You Rock Foundation founder Joseph Penola

Episode 5 - You Rock Foundation founder Joseph Penola

Joseph Penola is the founder and executive director of The You Rock Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to spreading awareness about mental health by using interviews with popular musicians as catalysts for conversation. Joseph is a suicide attempt survivor who created You Rock as a result of his personal battle with depression. Despite being surrounded by supportive family and friends, Joseph could not confide in anyone. He felt like music was able to speak for him, and it eventually allowed him to find his own voice, talk about his illness, and get the treatment he needed.
You Rock’s video interviews with bands like Slipknot and Korn have given music fans the same kind of inspiration that was instrumental to Joseph’s healing. Joseph has previously organized a mental health support group at music schools, volunteered as a counselor for Crisis Text Line. He currently speaks at public schools, conferences, and other events.



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