Read Liz's Recovery Story

January 19th I made 2 yrs sober! For 13 yrs I tried AA, outpatient, inpatient, psych wards, hospitals but nothing kept me sober. January 2016 I gave up my fight. I knew my liver wasn’t functioning properly so I decided to wait out death. 7 liters of fluid filled my abdominal area, eyes yellow, orange skin, I could feel my organs shutting down. I refused medical treatment because what was the point. Hospitals treated me like trash the 4 times I had already been. No one listened to my voice, it wasn’t worth there time. I almost died from undiagnosed cirrhosis! How? I had been here telling anyone who would give me the time of day the symptoms but there response was “you aren’t getting pain pills so stop trying. “ Treatment centers are a fraud. They make you accept blame for anything and everything family says without even caring about your side. They force you to take ownership of other peoples mistakes and crimes cuz you’re just a drunk. They trick you into building your foundation on quick sand. I have yet to see one that looks at the family member and say your behavior is inappropriate and you will be held accountable! When my liver failed I had to make a decision accept death or embrace life. I knew the system in place for recovery wouldn’t work for me. Just another group grading my recovery by a scale they created. When I got out I knew AA wasn’t as accepting as they claim. It’s a group of unstable judge mental hypocrites. Treatment Locke’s you up so people can come in to blame all their problems on you. Well guess’s bullshit! I got sober by having a non-addicted person teach me how to live again. I used my voice for truth and to stand up for my human rights. I’ve seen worst actions from no drinkers than drinkers. My family and I decided this was unacceptable so we are going to make a change. Everyone will try to shut you up cuz if your sober and tell the truth they will be exposed of there brutal treatment of the addict. If you are upset about something that happened to you they will try to make you claim your part. WTF right? Just cuz I drink doesn’t make me responsible for someone else's behavior. I can’t wait to stand next to someone trying to heal there mind, body and spirit and help give them there voice back! One day try to just observe the WHOLE situation between addict and family and you’ll be shocked! But it’s ok cuz you’re just a drunk. I almost died at 38 because I was an unworthy drunk who’s life meant nothing. Now I’m sober, healthy and happy because I was strong enough to say no your wrong. I’m alive because I turned to God not aa groups. I’m alive because I knew my truth and worked my ass off to make sure when I beat that addiction my truth shined the light of the Holy Spirit on the lies, manipulation and humiliation of all those posers that thought my life was a joke. Yes it is a family disease and usually instigated by the”sober” family b/c with you well they have to notice there own sickness and it feels great when the lies are exposed and you are free.