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Since 2001, Faces & Voices of Recovery has been producing position papers, infographics, reports, toolkits and much more.  Click on the link below to view our publications:

The recovery movement and its implications for policy, commissioning and practice

David Best, Stephanie Judith, and Donna Burdett

Posted in: Race, Ethnicity & Culture

The recovery movement is not a homogenous phenomenon, with differing philosophies and approaches informing its evolution, and it can be seen as an uneasy alliance of abstinence and medication-based models, specific philosophies and theories (12-step and Therapeutic Communities) and between a diverse range of proponents including family members, people in recovery (or recovered), practitioners, policy…

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The Relationship Between Recovery Community Services Program Grantees And the Federal Drug and Alcohol Confidentiality Laws

The Legal Action Center

Posted in: Legal Issues & Drug Courts

The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) is currently funding new types of service providers who are not professional clinical treatment providers through its Recovery Community Services Program (RCSP) and Access to Recovery (ATR) initiatives. TweetShareSharePin0 Shares

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The Response of African American Communities to Addiction: An Opportunity for Treatment Providers

Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC

Posted in: Race, Ethnicity & Culture

The closing decades of the twentieth century were marked by a rise in culturally indigenous responses to alcohol and other drug problems in the African American community and a consistent call for more culturally sensitive and competent addiction treatment services. This article provides a brief description of several indigenous recovery movements and discusses how addiction…

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The Role of Recovery Residences in Promoting Long-term Addiction Recovery

Jason, L.A., Mericle, A.A., Polcin, D.L., & White, W.L. (2013). American Journal of Community Psychology.

Posted in: Recovery Research & Outcomes

Recovery residences (e.g., sober living houses, recovery homes, and Oxford HousesTM) are sober, safe, and healthy living environments that promote recovery from AOD use and associated problems. At a minimum, recovery residences offer peer-to-peer recovery support with some providing professionally delivered clinical services all aimed at promoting abstinence based, long-term recovery. TweetShareSharePin0 Shares

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The Role of Recovery Support Services in Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

Posted in: Peer Recovery Support Services

Addiction has long been recognized as a chronic disease. However, most treatment for addiction uses acute care interventions rather than a disease management approach. For many people seeking recovery, this has created a revolving door of multiple acute treatment episodes. Under the leadership of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for…

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The Role of Social Supports, Spirituality, Religiousness, Life Meaning and Affiliation with 12-Step Fellowships in Quality of Life Satisfaction Among Individuals in Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Problems

Alexandre B. Laudet, Keith Morgen, and William L. White, 2006

Posted in: Recovery Research & Outcomes

Many recovering substance users report quitting drugs because they wanted a better life. The road of recovery is the path to a better life but a challenging and stressful path for most. There has been little research among recovering persons in spite of the numbers involved, and most research has focused on substance use outcomes….

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The State of Recovery High Schools (2016)

Posted in: Recovery High Schools

The 2016 State of Recovery High Schools report is the first in a series of intended biennial publications from the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS). These reports aim to prepare and inspire starters and operators of recovery high schools to perform at their very best and directly contribute to the expanding body of principles, disciplines…

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The Surgeon General’s Spotlight on Opioids

The Surgeon General

Posted in: Addiction Treatment Guidance & Policy Resources

All across the United States, individuals, families, communities, and health care providers are struggling to cope with the impacts of the opioid crisis. Opioid misuse and opioid use disorders have devastating effects. TweetShareSharePin0 Shares

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The Sweat Lodge Ceremony: A Healing Intervention for Intergenerational Trauma and Substance Use

Teresa Naseba Marsh, David C. Marsh, Julie Ozawagosh, and Frank Ozawagosh

Posted in: Race, Ethnicity & Culture

Many traditional healers and Elders agree that strengthening cultural identity, incorporating traditional healing practices, and encouraging community integration can enhance and improve mental health and reduce substance use disorders (SUD) in Indigenous populations. TweetShareSharePin0 Shares

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The Varieties of Recovery Experience: A Primer for Addiction Treatment Professionals and Recovery Advocates

White, W. & Kurtz, E. (2006). The varieties of recovery experience. International Journal of Self Help and Self Care, 3(1-2), 21-61.

Posted in: William L. White Publications

This essay honors this transition from addiction and treatment paradigms to a recovery paradigm by exploring the growing varieties of pathways and styles through which people are resolving serious and persistent AOD-related problems. A review of scientific and mutual aid literature is discussed. TweetShareSharePin0 Shares

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