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For many individuals with substance use conditions and their families, the provision of recovery support services (RSS) is critical to achieving a greater quality of life. Yet, RSS are often insufficiently funded throughout the prevention, treatment, and recovery continuum of care largely due to funding constraints and a lack of information about alternative funding options. RSS are wide-ranging and should be provided based on the needs of individuals and their families. RSS are nonclinical services that assist individuals and families working toward recovery from substance use conditions. They include social supports and services such as child care, employment services, housing, peer coaching, and drug-free social activities.

Advocating for Recovery Support Services Nationwide


The Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) at Faces & Voices of Recovery unites and supports the growing network of local, regional, and statewide recovery community organizations (RCOs).

ARCO is a membership program that brings together new, emerging and established RCO's to build the unified voice of the organized recovery community.

ARCO links RCOs and their leaders with local and national allies through networking opportunities and sharing resources. We are committed to advocating for policies and funding to develop and strengthen organizations led and governed by the recovery community.


The Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS) is the only accrediting body in the US specifically for Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) and other programs offering addiction Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS).

Our Mission is to identify and support excellence in the delivery of peer recovery support services and other activities by Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) and qualifying programs.

Our History is the culmination of years of work by recovery community advocates and allies who work every day to secure, promote and provide pathways to long-term recovery for millions of Americans, their families and their communities.


The National Recovery Institute is a peer-run training and technical assistance center.  Our mission is to increase the knowledge, capacity, and accountability of recovery support providers throughout the United States and territories.

Why choose us?

  • Regional trainers
  • Decades of experience
  • Deep bench of subject matter experts
  • Strong roots in the peer movement
  • Keeping peer integrity first
  • Based on national standards
  • Strengths-based delivery

The team is always working on the next round of groundbreaking offerings for  recovery support providers and other related entities.


The Recovery Data Platform (RDP) is a cloud-based software solution developed in part by Faces & Voices of Recovery and Recovery Trek. The platform aids RCO’s and Peer Service Providers with the tools and assessments needed to effectively implement peer recovery coaching programs. Through the use of robust reporting and scheduling tools, RDP provides your organization with better outcomes data and service management tools.


RDP unleashes the power of quantitative and qualitative data stories to identify the specific vital signs and hallmarks of recovery on a systemic, regional, and national scale.

"Accurate, valid, measurement of the impact of recovery services is central to its continuous improvement"
- John Kelly, Ph.D