Recovery Stories

Bob Snodgrass's Story


After spending my life from 14yrs old, to 33 in & out of lock-ups, mental institutions, rehabs, and 15 times in jail, finally, I asked God with complete abandon to please keep me sober, and take my life to do anything He wants with it. In my 20yrs sober now, I have traveled & explored all over the world spending months at a time in many different countries, of course also had my share of troubles and low points too, overall experiencing life truly greater than I ever dreamed. Growing closer in my relationship with God through it all. Now at 54 yrs old, living more than ever for nothing more than to use my life to benefit others in many big and small ways every day, most recently from spending hours a day every day for 8-months in the hospital/physical rehab, gratefully helping, hand feeding, supporting any way I could, and eventually doing a daily routine of physical therapy on an AA member who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, and also meeting a young couple from right in my neighborhood in early recovery from shooting dope, just after being so moved by the sight of my friend’s cold dead face in a box from relapsing, shooting dope, and dying, that I stuck so closely with them, investing everything I had, anything I could do, and all that I am into trying to help uplift them from the devastation and ruin they’d made of their lives, and never have to see their face on that body in the box. Getting their neglected home, and property which they nearly lost, back in good shape, through getting the kids they weren’t sure if they’d ever see again back, all the way up to them adamantly exclaiming to me, this is better than they ever knew their life could be, thank God. Just then the young mom’s very eccentric, very strange, frankly quite weird, AA sponsor, who would always have a flock of young female sponsees, who the young mom also had been complaining to me about the odd things she would say and do, including even exposing her to drugs, said to me, “you lifted her up too much”???, and directed her, the young mom neighbor in early recovery, off to disappear with the most infamous man who would chase young girls out to their cars after meetings and run some line about how they must give him their number for AA purposes on them. It was alarming how many women then began coming to me, the same ones who previously had told me what a beautiful thing they saw going on since I discovered this young couple was my neighbors, began helping them, and their whole life and selves just transformed from worry, fear, anxiety, to glowing with peace, joy, happiness, now telling me they were scared for her from their own experience, which they seemed somehow blocked/unable to specifically speak of, in early recovery with this infamous man from half-hour away who her weird strange sponsor sent her to disappear with. One of those women who was particularly disturbed by this, on her own accord, tried and tried with rather urgent desperation to get the young mom to meet her away from him to warn her to get away, for her own good, but finally gave-up after numerous times when they made plans to get together, but the young mom never showed up. I will never forget the day that woman came to me, finding it necessary, in what seemed like a cry for help, looking very down and defeated as I’d never seen her, looked me firmly in the eyes and said in a very disturbing and serious tone, “Bob”, then a long pause as if struggling to get the words out, “Something Horrible is Going On”. Very worrisome! The weird sponsor had also come to me only days after the young mom had exclaimed to me of how she never knew her life could be so good, the anxiety she had struggled with all her life, finally gone, peace like she had never known before, and told me if I don’t stop driving around following her and the infamous man she sent her away with, they would call the police. Now, this is getting really scary, as I never drove around following anybody. It was all so worrisome and bizarre that I went to the police, but they just kinda blew it off. Next thing ya know, to make a long story short. Things just never stopped getting more and more extremely bizarre. I had a warrant cone out for my arrest, on such fabricated, contrived lies it was just impossible to imagine this could even be happening in real life, and there I was, 20yrs clean & sober, no infractions for 2-decades, living for nothing more than to use my life everyday to benefit others, cuffed and chained-up to a steel bench in a tiny cell, and believe it or not it only gets worse and more unimaginably bizarre from there, and still isn’t over as i am headed for criminal trial, after make of it what you will, but as twisted as it may seem, the same judge whose holding cell those rogue psycho cops chained me up in, and who also swore in the local police chief, who was hand picked and appointed by the township supervisors, who I discovered during all this that I used to unknowingly be attending church alongside until they had some time before any of this, actually banned me from their odd little church for ever so very gently expessing my concern about the importance of, as a Christian church, not straying from the message of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, as our Bible tells us, when they were about to start bringing muslims into our church, had upheld all phoney contrived charges against me at my preliminary hearing, sending my case up to trial in the big courthouse, despite no witness, no type of evidence at all, and even a cop who in an amazing moment of honesty under my lawyers grilling, admitted on the stand that not only had he not seen, but didn’t really have any actual reason to even believe that I had done anything wrong, least of all illegal. Although this isn’t very inspirational, and my current real life is so worse and more agonizingly, bizarrely, unimaginably, impossibly twisted more even than my worst nightmare,  I’m still sober, and as I usually respond when asked how I’m doing, I haven’t killed myself today, just hanging on, barely, one day at a time. Sincerely, Bob S. 484-252-9596