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Charmin Gabbard's Story

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My very first childhood memory is still very vivid, my father had my mother against the wall beating her, yelling & screaming that he was going to kill her. I come from a very physically, mentally, and sexually abusive background. I struggled with many addictions, and eating disorders, multiple terms of incarcerations that lead me to a point of suicide, thankfully I had a life-changing spiritual experience through the mindset of surrender. Today I have spearheaded 2 active recovery groups in our community, I work in our Health department in our Harms Reduction program, I have obtained a college degree during my recovery and I have received my recovery coaching certification through the state of Indiana. My biggest success would be that I have peace, I have accepted my past, forgiving those who hurt me, and asked for forgiveness from those that I hurt. My recovery is my greatest gift which in turn I wouldn’t have this without the addiction. I no longer regret the past, I share my secrets today, I realize it was those things that continued to hold me back from living life. My community support has been amazing, I have been given many opportunities to work with and share my struggle with our local first responders and I work directly with our local Drug Task Force helping get individuals in treatment centers. I volunteer in various areas and help support or organize anything that I can be of service to help promote recovery or break the stigma. My favorite line is “I know if I can do it anyone can” I serve at our local county jails and have been to speak at the prison on numerous occasions. My life took me to a very dark place, shooting heroin and being locked in a basement with a gun held in my mouth, if I can rise above those circumstances ..anyone can! I thank God for my recovery, my life, and the love & support that I have today. I would not have discovered my strength had it not of been for my struggle.