Recovery Stories

Da’Mone W's Story


A story like many others…”sick and tired of being sick and tired”. When I got sober I really didn’t believe it would work this time either. I had attempted to get sober countless times before, only to relapse. The main difference this time was I had no options mentally. All of the excuses on why I was not an alcoholic/addict were gone and I only had me. A man whom had helped me many times asked, “what’s the difference this time?”…I had no answer. When I first got sober I had warrants for my arrest, anger problems and very little hope. I took the time to listen and follow the advice of others. I had to get out of my own way. I took it one day at a time and faced the realities of my addiction, including going to jail to clear up my legal issues completely sober. 17 plus years later I have graduated from school with a Bachelors degree, got married and repaired much of the damage from the past. I have overcome legal challenges, mental health challenges and refrained from self sabotage. The 12 steps have saved my life and I continue to participate. I look forward to each day and have never forgotten my past…”but for the grace of God” there I go again. All I wanted was to be sober and able to walk freely without the feeling of impending doom. I still have days that are not so cheerful, but that is not due to my addiction. It’s life’s everyday problems that come with facing oneself and not succumbing to fear. Never did I anticipate the life I have now and it has been a journey of discovery, joy and challenges.