Recovery Stories

Gerald's Story


It began at a detox that lasted about a week. It went well, the staff were kind, helpful, and friendly. The process was a lot better than I had thought it would be, through a program called SBH(Syracuse Behavioral Health). After detox, I made the choice to further my recovery by signing myself into a 30 day program, at Norris treatment facility out of Rochester. That was a bit more difficult in terms of continuing sobriety. The first week I was already looking for a reason to return to what I knew for so long. I met a few friends within the program and a few councilors who cared. Which made the stay more comfortable. Overall the program lasted a few days over a month. At which time I realized I might need some additional help due to my cravings and thought process, that hadn’t changed too much yet. Which lead me to where I’m currently at. A place called Horizon Village in Buffalo, NY. At first glance everything was on the up and up. Councilors seemed friendly as well as the rest of the staff. After a short time though, the true character of a few staff came out. Leading to a true test of my will. They began harassing, making insulting statements, badgering and singling out. Watching every move I made and every word I wrote. Which apparently is one of their versions of therapy. From my perspective, it’s their personal opinions on who they thought I was, – scumbag, queer, faggot, ungrateful, etc., the list goes on. Which is when I began to realize that I wasn’t only unwanted in the program, I might as well have been considered unworthy to these staff members. A bit more time lapsed, I found their actions to be true. I’ve never experienced in all my years this level of verbal abuse. That brought me back to the feeling of falling back to what I know, while going through this gauntlet, I have came to the realize that no one is perfect but most are decent. I think the selective treatment is a conditioned response from the staff responsible for the unethical judgments. The program itself offers a variety of options for therapy, recovery, and resources for aftercare. Making it’s overall appeal worthwhile. I would simply remain cautionary about handful of the staff members. I remain hopeful in my recovery and for this programs ability to help one get back to a better quality of life. email – If anyone has any questions.