Hillary A.

Hillary A.'s Story

Hello! My name is Hillary Ayshford, I am a woman living in long-term recovery. What that means to me is haven’t found it necessary to use drugs or alcohol since February 11th, 2011. I am the product of a 12 step organization and I have found a way, in the community, to recover out loud. Recovery has given me a voice that I use with enthusiasm to share with others that we do recover. Today while living in recovery i have the opportunity to be present in the lives of my family, to be a voice in our community, to be involved in an organization that continually gives back to our community through education, advocacy and peer to peer support. I started volunteering for our local Recovery Community Organization in February 2015. My passion for recovery grew and grew and I knew this is what I wanted to spend my life doing. I am now the Administrative Liaison for Recovery Is Happening in Rochester Minnesota. I have had the opportunity to work closely with those who are also in recovery, their families and recovery allies. I believe in recovery and the power our stories have to save lives. My only hope is to offer love and compassion for all people whose lives have been touched by this horrific disease. Living a life submerged in recovery has afforded me many gifts I never thought possible. My life is proof that recovery works, more important, my heart is proof we do recover.