Recovery Stories

Kari's Story


I thought recovery would be easy, “you just get clean”. Well that was the easy part. Staying that way was the tough part, it was a struggle. A daily struggle.. Changing everything I’d ever known! I didn’t think it was possible, but over time I learned it was.. Days turned into months an soon I had years.. It became easy, relapse is a part of my story just like most everyone elses. But I took it with stride an I didn’t run with it, I walked away… I know what I have and I know it’ll never be worth losing to that life. I’ve lost more than enough to that life. Friends, and more family than I can count, these bags behind me are friends, family and more names then I can count.. Writing these out really broke my heart.. I hadn’t realized how close it hit home until today.. It hurts.. I refuse to be another statistic that’s lost to addiction.. My story is like everyone elses and I’m not ashamed of it, I’m not proud, but not ashamed.. I know where I’ve came from and I know that in order for me to get where Im going “you can only keep what you have, by giving it away” so here I stand, ready to give my all in order to help save someone else! I’m thankful because I’m here today to help save someome else.. Im thankful that I can stand up and be the woman God intended me to be! He has a plan for me, and I plan on seeing it through!