Recovery Stories

Kelly Keys's Story


Realizing I was a person with a substance abuse problem and was powerless over my addiction was the hardest thing to do! I lost my kids many times, yet, I still wasn’t convinced I had a problem. It was in family treatment court that I realized I was powerless over my addiction and that I couldn’t manage to stay sober alone! So I threw myself into a meeting and got a sponsor and a strong sober network and there I found sobriety. I believe that recovery means fellowship and serenity! The challenge of recovery is never really over, it seems that once we start a recovery process we either grow or we’re dying. There is no standing still and we either commit ourselves each day to improving and refining our recovery skills or we become complacent and allow ourselves to slowly move toward meaninglessness, misery, and relapse. We must make a conscious choice each day about which path we’ll follow.