Recovery Stories

Lenore R.'s Story


I started using at age 15 in NY, at age 25 I moved to CA to care for my Nana. To my dismay I found out my beautiful Nana, was an alcoholic in a domestic violence relationship with a younger man, who eventually broke her hip. Once she was hospitalized, I evicted the man and moved my Nana to another city in CA, far away from this monster. I proceeded to use substances heavily because of my own addiction. Finally with a friends insistence, I went into an outpatient treatment program. I did not do the necessary recovery work, described in the basic text and I relapsed. I hit bottom after 8 months, and entered into a residential treatment program in 1998. I’ve been clean since April 2, 1998 and have not found a reason to abuse my mind, body and soul. Upon my Nana transitioning, I moved to various states and engaged in many relationships to fill a void. I was grieving the lose of my Nana. I moved to Georgia in 2014 to reside close to my living relatives, whom are not in recovery, yet support my recovery lifestyle. I attend meetings, am of service, have a full-time career and finally married. Since I relocated to the south, I have established a wonderful relationship with my family. As a same gender loving women, I have come to accept my sexuality, as have my family and friends. I am a freelance artist as well and continue to dig deep within me to allow my God to enrich my creative spirit. I love the recovery community, enjoy the 12 step fellowship, all the recovery events and being of service, to carry the message to the sick and suffering addict and their family. I love to travel, meeting diverse communities and enjoying the finer things in this thing called life. I have transformed from a very angry, wounded, and shame based drug addict; to a radiant women, free from all mind and mood altering substances. I love what life has to offer me on a daily basis and I am forever grateful to have a loving and caring God in my life today. Ase’