Recovery Stories

Stacey H.'s Story


My name is Stacey and I am a person in recovery and what a long, strange trip it has been! I want to share a message of HOPE! For 20 years I traveled a rough and strenuous road but today I AM FREE. I have survived homelessness, domestic violence and lots of trauma as a small child..but (like all of us) I FOUGHT! Recovery has taught me one great skill..perseverance! My mentor would always say to me..”fall down 8 times, get back up 9″ I live today with integrity, service to others, an advocate in my community..because I love recovery and I love the connection we share…and then I realized…that “connection” was what I was searching for the whole time.. Recovery is’s achievable..don’t give up…we love you!! When I came into recovery I just wanted to be able to tolerate existing…Today, I love myself and I never thought that was possible…not even in my wildest of dreams! My cup runneth over with gratitude. With all the love, Stacey Huber