Recovery Stories

Tena R.'s Story


46, married, 2 children. 1st rehab age 16 last rehab at 46. This particular time I surrendered to many different recovery processes that works for me NOT just one. I am on suboxone a VERY debated opioid medication that works amazing for me however not welcomed in 12 step programs which almost killed me until I worked with addiction specialist who convinced me I was sober by looking at some facts. I also started Smart Recovery in addition to AA 12 steps. In all my life I have never been more free since I have accepted that recovery is NOT one size fits all and recovery is so much more than not using. So many people suffering because of the ONE size fits all mentality to the point of suicide or going on to the bitter end due to no hope. So much needs to change in our society and and with our mind set if we are to change treatment options, healthcare and society stigma which are the biggest blockers to persons trying to get sober.