Recovery Stories

Wayne's Story


I started using at 12 to escape myself and treat my mental illness. By the time I was 15 I had been kicked out of military school, arrested numerous times, tried every drug I could and moved around to live with different relatives until no one was left. I continued down that road, ending up on the street at times, every once in a while getting in enough trouble to get put on probation for a few years until finally in 2014 I was arrested by the DEA and sent to inpatient treatment and then a drug court program. This when I found my turning point. I discovered what it was to be in recovery and what is was to be of service to others, I continued down this path and found myself again. I am now a peer recovery coach and a student…I have a GED…but since I got sober I earned an associates in addiction counseling. I love what I do. I love working with others and learning new things and advocating for the recovery community. I love being in recovery…I have never been more content and able to deal with life on life’s terms till now and it is wonderful.