IC&RC Peer Recovery Credential


The Peer Recovery (PR) credential is designed for individuals with personal, lived experience in their own recovery from addiction, mental illness, or co-occurring substance and mental disorders.

The certification is administered on a jurisdiction level by an IC&RC Member Board. Each IC&RC Member Board has unique procedures, requirements, and documents – so specific questions about pursuing a Peer credential should be directed to your local board. You can find contact information for each IC&RC board, along with the IC&RC credentials offered, in the IC&RC  Member Board Directory.



The international standards have been set as indicated below.
To be eligible for reciprocity to other IC&RC jurisdictions, credentials obtained through Member Boards must meet the following IC&RC minimum standards :

The Four Performance Domains are
•    Advocacy
•    Mentoring/Education
•    Recovery/Wellness Support and
•    Ethical Responsibility

500 hours of volunteer or paid work experience specific to the domains.

High school diploma or jurisdictionally certified high school equivalency AND
46 hours training specific to the domains, with 10 hours each in the domains of Advocacy, Mentoring/Education , and Recovery/Wellness Support and 16 hours in the domain of Ethical Responsibility.

25 hours of supervision specific to the domains. Supervision must be provided by an organization's documented and qualified supervisory staff per job description and must have two (2) years' experience supervising peer recovery specialists in the behavioral health and/or recovery and crisis support field.

Applicants must pass the IC&RC International Written Peer Recovery Examination. 

Code of Ethics
The applicant must sign a Peer Recovery Specialist Code of Ethics statement or an affirmation that the applicant has read and will abide by the code of ethics.

20 hours of continuing education earned every two years, including six hours in ethics.

IC&RC credentials can only be obtained by meeting the requirements of the local Member Board, where you live or work at least 51 percent of the time.

Exam Preparation
IC&RC has developed a Candidate Guide for professionals preparing for the Peer Recovery Examination HERE.

Study Guide for the IC&RC Peer Recovery (PR) Examination

The Rhode Island Peer Recovery Specialist Certification Guide: A Study Guide for the Certification Exam 

This is a 45-page free manual developed to serve as a study guide for those preparing for their IC&RC Peer Recovery Examination. It was funded by the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH)and developed by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., in consultation with BHDDH, subject matter experts in the behavioral health field, and input from peer recovery specialists who have taken the certification exam, or are working in recovery settings. The content of the guide is based on the knowledge, skills and job tasks derived from the 2013 Peer Recovery Job Analysis conducted by IC&RC.

The first half of the Guide summarizes key concepts and strategies so that users can review content areas essential to peer recovery support practice, including:

  • Guiding principles and aspects of recovery
  • Roles and core values of peer recovery specialists
  • Relationship building and communication skills
  • Cultural competence in recovery support
  • Boundaries and ethical issues in peer recovery support
  • Trauma-informed approaches
  • Recovery and wellness planning

The guide also contains study tips and test-taking strategies. It includes 20 practice questions similar in format and level of difficulty to those on the exam, along with an answer key and explanations of the correct responses. A glossary and list of references to consult for more in-depth review of important topics are also provided.

While the guide was specifically developed for use by those seeking certification in Rhode Island, the Peer Recovery Examination is an international examination making this guide applicable to anyone preparing for IC&RC's Peer Recovery Exam.

Click Here to download The Rhode Island Peer Recovery Specialist Certification Guide: A Study Guide for the Certification Exam.


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