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People seeking help for the resolution of alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems in the United States encounter not comprehensive systems of care but silos of care based on single pathway models of addiction with narrow menus of derived services, each highly critical of competing silos. Far too often, people with the most severe, complex, and enduring AOD problems traverse multiple silos without finding a sustainable recovery solution. Below are some reflections on why these single pathway approaches to addiction and recovery are so troublesome and a few thoughts on how we may escape entrapment in such ideological prisons.

The costs of addiction are well documented but the potential benefits of recovery are less well
known. Similarly, substance use issues among both active duty military personnel and veterans are
well known but their recovery experiences remain under-investigated. Further, little is known
about whether and how addiction and recovery experiences differ between veterans and non
veterans. This knowledge can help refine treatment and recovery support services.

Looking for information on engaging faith-based organizations in addressing opioid addiction in their communities? Please view this webinar offered by National Association for Children of Addiction entitles Opioid awareness for faith communities with Dr. William S. Jacobs.