Just as different paths lead us to recovery, different paths lead us to Faces & Voices of Recovery membership. Choose one that suits you and add your voice to the movement.

Membership Makes the Movement

We are you. Changed for the better through long-term recovery from substance use and other disorders.

We may come from diverse places and paths, but we share the certainty of how recovery and overall wellness positively impact our lives, our families, and our communities.

Join us, become a member of our community, and add your voice to the largest recovery advocacy organization in the world. Our members make us who we are. And every new face makes us better.

Just as there are many pathways to recovery and positive steps to wellness, there are multiple paths to membership. Choose the one that fits you.

Individual Membership

Open to anyone who wants to join us on the path to next-level recovery, and the positive change and overall wellness that come with it.

Become an Individual Member

We were an Association. Now we are an Alliance for Recovery Centered Organizations (ARCO).

Because of exceptional growth in our ARCO community, we’ve constructed a bigger tent, all-inclusive, with room and support for everyone, no matter where you are on your recovery journey. The Alliance meets the growing need for an expanded recovery support network and provides an even more active, beneficial relationship with ARCO members.

As allies, we are connected by common interest and shared experience. ARCO is a specialized group of actively supportive allies in pursuit of advancing recovery support everywhere and expanding wellness initiatives at every level. We also help members achieve and retain the rigor and national standards of best practices, and provide support and certification for the peer workforce. This application begins the process of membership.

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