Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS)

The only accrediting body in the US specifically for Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) and programs offering Peer Recovery Support Services.

Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS)

Accreditation helps define, identify, support, and verify effectiveness and excellence.


It began as identifying under-supported needs in recovery communities. It’s grown to become a standard for delivering recovery support services to all people – the everyday things that improve chances for long-term recovery – like workforce support, childcare, wellness, and more. CAPRSS has grown through the years as an ever-advancing standard, constructed by recovery community members, advocates, and allies. Today we promote proven and diverse pathways to long-term recovery for millions of Americans, their families, and their communities.


We are committed to Asset-Based Accreditation™

  • Based on current recovery principles
  • Always fair, balanced, contemporary, and focused on the real world
  • Includes information and data from peers, leadership, and the community served
  • Always respectful and authentic
  • Designed around organizational function and mission
  • Based on strengths, opportunities for improvement, and evidence-based practices


CAPRSS takes an “accreditation plus” approach. This is more than an evaluation and approval of organizations or programs based on a set of standards. The process promotes a comprehensive look at opportunities for capacity-building and excellence at every level.

A Unique CAPRSS Accreditation Approach

Recovery-Oriented Accreditation

  • Helps emerging and established organizations and peer recovery support programs to build capacity
  • Improves performance by setting and measuring the achievement of standards
  • Increases accountability to funders, communities, and the wider recovery community

CAPRSS Eligibility

  • Emerging organizations seeking information and resources to develop their recovery support services and programs
  • Established organizations looking to improve depth, breadth, scope, and quality of the peer services they provide and preparing to seek accreditation
  • “Accreditation-Ready” organizations applying for accreditation
  • Accredited organizations
  • State and other government entities seeking to assure the quality of Peer Recovery Support Services within their jurisdiction

CAPRSS Readiness Self-Assessment

Accreditation is an intensive process that looks at seven areas (domains):

  • Recovery Principles, Culture and Climate
  • Ethical Framework for Service Delivery
  • Peer Leader Development
  • Peer Supervisor Development
  • Governance and Program Oversight
  • Management Systems
  • Peer Support Capacity: Core Competencies

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