CAPRSS – Accreditation 201

Accreditation 201

Our rigorous standards come directly from the recovery community and reflect current practice in peer recovery support. These standards are the core of the accreditation process.

They can be viewed as an external guide used to assess the capacity and efficiency of a Peer Recovery Support Services program. Programs applying for accreditation will be evaluated on the extent to which they can demonstrate their ability to meet these standards. These standards can also be considered a guide any program can use to conduct a self-inventory and learn about areas of excellence and areas that may need improvement.

Our Accreditation 201 course includes:

  • Identify the elements of the CAPRSS standards taxonomy and how they relate

  • Describe core domains and standards

  • Discuss how peer reviewers – and PRSS programs – will use standards, criteria, and elements of performance in the accreditation process

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