RCO Certification

RCO Certification

The Recovery Community Organization (RCO) Certification Program recognizes organizations dedicated to promoting recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders and supporting affected individuals, families, and communities. 

Through conversations and participatory processes with members of The Alliance for Recovery Centered Organizations (The Alliance), stakeholders, and subject matter experts, Faces & Voices of Recovery identified a need for a “nothing about us without us” peer stamp of approval to further. This process will further legitimize RCOs, expand funding opportunities, and protect the authenticity and grassroots nature of RCOs. 

This program is designed to give RCOs the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to effectively lead and engage in collaborative efforts within the recovery community. Organizations that earn this certification will be equipped to advocate for policy changes and increase their capacity to support recovery on a broader scale. They will also be better able to foster cultures of hope, healing, and resilience.  

Program Objectives

Independent nonprofit organizations that achieve certification demonstrate their commitment to:   

  • Being peer-led. 
  • Ethical conduct.   
  • Equitable and inclusive services. 
  • Sound financial stewardship.    
  • Keeping recovery and peers at the center of their efforts.   
  • Providing high-quality service to the recovery community.    

Our Process

Organizations pursuing certification are required to: 

  1. Complete an application. 
  1. Upload documentation of policies, practices, and procedures. 
  1. Participate in a site tour and interview with a member of the Accreditation and Certification Review Committee. 
  1. Have documentation, application, and findings from site tour reviewed by the committee.* 

At this point, a determination is issued.

 *Please note that completion of all steps of the certification process does not guarantee certification will be issued.  

Benefits of Certification

  1. Greater legitimacy and recognition as a Certified Recovery Community Organization.  
  1. Access to a network of certified organizations for collaboration, resource sharing, and support. 
  1. Increased capacity to provide evidence-based recovery support services and programs. 
  1. Opportunities for professional growth and development within the recovery field. 
  1. Visibility within the recovery community and among potential stakeholders, funders, and partners. 

The RCO Certification Program equips organizations with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to effectively support individuals in recovery and advocate for recovery-oriented policies and systems. Earning this certification is a concrete way for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to best practices and person-centered recovery.  

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