The New Face of Faces & Voices of Recovery

We’re excited to launch this amazing new website where you can learn, connect & take action. I’m proud to serve as Faces & Voices board chair and work with recovery advocates from across the country to advance our recovery agenda. I encourage you to find out more about our board and our regional representatives and share your recovery story, events and trainings with our growing constituency.

As a woman in long term recovery, I know that recovery is working for me and my family. I am one of the 23 million Americans who are standing up, speaking out and giving back so that others can get the help they need to live new lives in recovery. Faces & Voices of Recovery believes that everyone has a right to recover. This chart shows the conditions that will make that possible and that we’re excited to work with you to achieve:

Last year we collaborated with our partners to launch a new campaign, MANYFACES1VOICE.ORG to advance the recovery movement. Faces & Voices 2014 Rally for Recovery! hub event will be in Louisville, KY on September20th in partnership with People Advocating Recovery, Kentucky’s statewide recovery community organization. Stay tuned for much ahead in the coming year.

I want to thank our dedicated board and staff and the tens of thousands of people who have come together in recovery community organizations across the nation and the world. Whether behind the scenes or on the front line, thank you for joining us in making every recovery voice count.

Dona Dmitrovic