The Words We Use Matter – Part 1

Recovery Voices Count

As we enter the final month of the 2020 election cycle, it becomes more vital that we include the faces and voices of recovery at all levels of civic engagement, including analyzing candidates’ comments about individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. Presidential and other debates provide an outstanding opportunity to raise recovery issues and combat stigma.

This past week, Vice President Biden passionately declared his pride in his son for overcoming his challenges with substance use disorders- reflecting first-hand the millions of American families who are navigating their lives through the current addiction epidemic. It is important and necessary to have our leaders at all levels, from town halls to state capitols, use their voice to promote progress and compassion.

Stigma kills. The words we use matter. It is up to us, and those in our community, to help those running for office understand the significance of substance use disorders and ensure their support in the wide range of recovery efforts across America.

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As a non-partisan organization, this post is not intended to support any candidate.  We do, however, support and encourage, person-centered, Recovery-friendly language.