CAPRSS Newsletter – December 2020

December 2020
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Virtual Learning Community

Join us on December 9, 2020 at 12:00pm EDT for a webinar on How to Celebrate Our Teams

This month we will focus on How to Celebrate Our Teams, facilitated by Faces & Voices very own Director of Programs. Together we will be looking at how we recognize, retain and celebrate our team.

Presenter: Joseph Hogan-Sanchez, Director of Programs at Faces & Voices of Recovery

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Joseph Hogan-Sanchez

Joseph began working in the recovery field after joining the Continuation and Development Team, with the Recovery Alliance of El Paso, the recovery community organization that assisted him in his own recovery. Joseph celebrates the commencement of his recovery on October 2, 2005. As a distinguished graduate of the 2009 Leadership Institute for Recovery Support Service Emerging Leaders, Joseph has championed local, state, and national peer-based initiatives through active mentorship and servant leadership.

In addition to his work within the recovery community, Joseph is committed to reaching out to LGBTQIA+ communities to eliminate homophobia and heterosexism. As a person living with HIV since 2003, his courage lends a face and voice for individuals with HIV & AIDS, as well as the millions of Americans living with substance use disorders. A passionate advocate for recovery, Joseph inspires others to view systems of care through a lens of hope and change, always embracing his personal mission statement, “To Inspire Positive Thinking and Forward Movement through Motivation, Education and Empowerment.”

Upcoming Webinars

Accreditation 101 – December 4, 2020 – 12pm EDT
Accreditation 101 is an introduction to accreditation course, where participants will learn the mission and purpose of CAPRSS, an overview of the standards and criteria, the steps in the accreditation process, establish resources for getting your organization accreditation ready, and for completing your application for accreditation candidacy.

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Resources just for you!

Supervision is a key component in providing peer recovery support services and should be a relationship that nurtures growth, hones skills, and addresses opportunities for growth that support recovery support core competencies.

Here’s a Tip sheet that speaks to the Principles of Peer Supervision.

Peer Supervision Tip Sheet

Tis the Season to Give!

Faces & Voices of Recovery was founded by a group of recovery advocacy pioneers who believed in a world where the shame and stigma of substance use disorders no longer exists. They believed in a world where a lifetime of recovery was within everyone’s reach. This vision is the cornerstone of the work we do everyday.

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