RDP Newsletter – January 2021

January 2021
Digital Newsletter

New Year = New Training Documents

As the Recovery Data Platform evolves we must find the best possible way to deliver those changes to you, as such we have updated all of our training videos highlighting some of the changes to the way we view and record data on the platform. We have also updated our training manuals to also reflect these changes. These changes can help to familiarize and train users of RDP to get the most out of the platform, it can also serve to be a quick resource to pull up if you have a question or need to be re-familiarized with a specific topic. We can easily access this useful training guides/videos on the RDP Main Console page upon logging into the system.

RDP Enhanced Layout is here!

To enable this feature for your staff by Program simply edit your program layout to Enhanced RDP from Original RDP! This lets you take control of the new view and when you implement it!

Have questions please submit a ticket from the RDP Homepage.

Is your Organization
Emergency Prepared?

From Communications to Technology to Best Practices. We got it all!
The RCO Emergency Preparedness Toolkit handouts are a collection of materials that have been provided by multiple resources and compiled in order to be easily accessible for the public needs. Faces & Voices has collated these resources to guide RCOs and other agencies in their Emergency Preparedness planning.
Check it out here!